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Power Eyes

Power Eyes

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Say goodbye to dark spots in your pet's eyes!

Are you worried about the dark brown stain that begins to form around the eyes or in the tear ducts?

Power Eyes is a cleanser that is formulated with 98% natural ingredients such as chamomile or cornflower extract and works as a treatment to care for eye problems caused by excess moisture, lightening dark spots around the eyes and on the skin. lacrimal zone of the animal progressively.

With its easy spray application, it cares for, calms and decongests the eye area, also protecting them from possible infections. The pH is equalized with the pH of the tear to avoid irritation as much as possible.

Pet-advice: Especially recommended for dogs and cats with light-colored or white fur, since there are breeds predisposed to the appearance of stains in the lacrimal area, which look like brown circles under the eyes and are quite difficult to clean, they harden and dry out. .

Its appearance is due to the fact that excess humidity causes the proliferation of microorganisms and the so-called "red yeast" or Ptyrosporin, which cause the appearance of said spots.

Recyclable glass / 30 ml

Use tips

98% natural ingredients- No animal testing- Made in Spain- Toxic free

Gently clean the eye area with water

Apply with gauze or cotton around the eye contour avoiding that it enters inside

Dry the area after application, be careful to leave the area well dry, as humidity can predispose to infections


Exclusive use in animals. External use. Do not ingest and send contact with the inside of the eye (animals and humans). If this happens, wash them immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


The components of the product are natural extracts that
clean while calming and decongesting the area:

Chamomile extract: components such as alpha bisabolo or linoleic acid make chamomile possess important anti-inflammatory, calming and antiseptic properties.

Cornflower Extract: Known natural eye relief that
reduces ocular inflammation by contributing to the regeneration of the vascular layer of the retina, favors visual acuity and contains antioxidant properties


Chamomile extract, cornflower extract.

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