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Bruma perfumada PARADISE DOG

Bruma perfumada PARADISE DOG

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Lightly scented spray for dogs and cats

150 ml

Do you enjoy hugging and pampering your pet? Transport yourself to an exotic place with our cologne mist ideal for applying all over your pet's fur.

Help improve your pet's scent with an exotic fragrance that comes straight from the heart of flowers with almond notes, Damask rose, and cherry blossom.

A combination of gentle ingredients that provide a long-lasting aroma.

Damask Rose: Damask rose is known for its sweet and delicate floral scent. This fragrance adds a romantic and gentle touch to the scented mist, leaving a fresh and pleasant sensation.

Almond: The scent of almond is warm, comforting, and slightly sweet, providing a cozy and gentle feeling, creating a pleasant experience for your dog.

Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossom, also known as cherry blossom, has a delicate and evocative floral scent that adds a soft, fresh, and spring-like touch."

Consejos de uso

Rociar a una distancia entre 35 y 70 cm del manto del animal.

Recuerda siempre tener en cuenta la sensibilidad de tu perro y realizar una prueba de sensibilidad antes de usar cualquier producto perfumado en él.


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Nerea Oria Molinero
Bruma Perfumada

Me encanta el olor que deja pero desafortunadamente no dura mucho!!