Natural cosmetics for dogs

Taking care of the skin and fur of our pets is very important! Keep in mind that both are key pieces for animal health: they are responsible for protecting them against external factors such as sun, cold or heat. Maintaining good hygiene in your furry body is also essential to prevent infections, diseases or parasites from abroad. And not to say the beauty that your dog is wandering when your hair is very careful and clean. To give them high quality care and improve their well -being, it is advisable to use Natural dog cosmetics Like the one we sell in our online store. In addition to washing products, such as shampo, we also have some more specific for other areas of your body, such as a Dog pad protector or an eye cleaner, perfect for Remove dog eyes, that comes out to some concrete races, such as the Maltese bichon. 

In addition to providing your pet with a balanced diet, take it for a walk several times a day or play with it to spend energy and have fun, it is essential to also take care of its daily beauty routine. Take care of it and pamper it using the best products of Natural dog cosmetics, like the ones we sell in Pasco Beauty, it will be incredible to him, so it is recommended that you dedicate at least ten minutes a day to brush his hair and take care of other parts of his body: nails, mouth, ears or eyes . Your pet is one more member of the family to love and take care of the most!

Why is natural cosmetics for dogs so important?

The Natural dog cosmetics It has the same importance and the same benefits as in humans. Surely you do not forget a day to make your daily facial routine, both day and night, nor do you overlook your weekly mask in the hair or in the face. Well, your dog deserves that, and you will be in charge of pampering him and buying the best products for his care. In Mascio Beauty we have a wide variety of products of natural origin for the care of pets, such as Natural dog shampoo or unhappy spray for more complicated furs.

And we expand: the Natural dog cosmetics That we sell in Masci Beauty is formulated with one hundred percent natural ingredients, among which you will find essential oils such as lavender, coconut oil, tahiti monoi or ultra -moisturizing vitamins. In addition, our cosmetics is cruelty free, sustainable with the environment and meets the highest quality standards of the European Union.

We are a local company, so the products we manufacture are made in Spain. To care for your pet, better use quality and close products, that guarantee your happiness and well -being! Do not hesitate to take a look at our catalog, and contact us if any doubt about our products arises.