Pad protector for dogs

Dogs are living beings who need specific care to have a quality life. If you have a pet, you will know that it requires a series of responsibilities with which you must compromise. It is very important that, in addition to giving it a balanced diet or taking it for a walk, you also contribute some care and pampering in certain areas of your body. In addition to brushing it every day, at least ten minutes, or washing it with a Natural dog shampoo, you must take care of other areas such as eyes, ears or pads. To regenerate, hydrate and protect the latter, in our online store we put at your disposal a Dog pad protector. You can also combine with our sunscreen dogs to achieve 100% effective protection.

The care of your dog's pads is essential. But what are exactly? They suppose the fabric of their legs, which is not covered with hair and that is in direct contact with the asphalt. Under this fabric, in addition, there is a layer of fat that is responsible for cushioning its movements to prevent damage to the bones and joints when walking. It is true that these pads are very resistant, but, always being in contact with the different surfaces, they can resent. That is why it becomes essential to always keep them hydrated, especially in times of the year where they can burn or dry due to heat, as in summer. Our Dog pad protector It guarantees them that hydration and security to continue stepping strong at all times.

This is our dog pad protector

Within our range of products from Natural pet cosmetics, we would like to influence, in more detail, in our Dog pad protector, since it is all you need to hydrate your dog's. It is a natural cream, easy to apply and rapid absorption that, in addition, does not leave a fatty sensation in the pads. Thanks to this Dog pads, moisturizing and nutritious, you will give these all the care they deserve. In its formulation, you will find 98% of natural ingredients, among which the calendula, the karité butter, monoï of tahiti or coconut oil ... all of them with soothing and softening properties! Thanks to this protector, your puppy's footprints will be protected from surface impacts and extreme temperatures, such as heat, cold or snow.

We present this Dog pad protector In Mousse format, so that it is pleasant to touch and that your pet does not feel uncomfortable with the application. It is an ideal cream to avoid wounds and cracks in your dog's pads and to nurture them when they are very dry. In fact, this natural cream can also be applied in the animal's nose, an area of ​​its body that is usually very resected and also needs to be hydrated sometimes. Remember that all our pet cosmetics is natural, cruelty free, sustainable and manufactured in Spain. Visit our catalog and contact us if you need more information!