dog ear cleaner

Only who has the pet knows the unconditional love that can be felt for her. It's amazing how these little hairy, even unable to speak, are able to give us such a faithful love. Simply because of those love samples, your dog deserves to give him the best of care, and that you pamper him every day. Therefore, just as you never skip your beauty routines, your pet also requires a few minutes to care for your skin and hair. And not only those, but also other parts of the body such as mouth, eyes, ears or pads. If you want to give your dog a Beauty Premium routine, you should know all the products of Natural pet cosmeticsthat we have available, fromDog Ears Cleaner either Dog pad protector, better Dog pads, you will never want to use.

We would like to highlight that taking care of the skin and fur of your pet goes beyond the exterior appearance and, therefore, its beauty. These care and these pampering directly influence their health. Keep in mind that your dog's hair is in charge of protecting your skin from external agents such as heat or cold, and even serves as protection against parasites and diseases. In addition, it is important that you take care of it using cosmetics products for dogs that are one hundred percent natural, as do you do for yourself with your care. In the Mascio Beauty online store you will see that all our products are of natural origin, from our shampoos, through theDog Ears Cleaner, to the serum.

Why use an ears cleanser for my dog?

When we talk about a premium beauty routine for pets, we not only refer to buying a good Natural dog shampoo, it is also necessary to give the necessary care to other areas of the body, such as the ears. Like people, dogs can also suffer from otitis on the occasional occasion. And, as for us, this infection in the ear is quite uncomfortable. Therefore, it is essential to maintain good hygiene in their ears, in order to prevent them from taking one of these infections. This cleaning is fundamental since, thus, the animal is avoided that the animal accumulate parasites, bacteria, hairs in the auditory duct or a high production of cemeter. The solution? Use our Dog Ears Cleaner, which also works as an otic soothing.

He Dog Ears Cleaner That we have available in Masca Beauty are a few drops that clean, calm and decongest the ears of the pets. These, in addition, give extra care to the animal auditory duct and avoid possible inflammations or wounds. Being formulated with 95% of natural ingredients and does not contain parabens, it is the ideal cosmetic to guarantee its otic well -being. If you are interested in this product, you can buy it from our online store. We assure you that it is unique!