Delivery deadlines:

Once the shipping confirmation is sent, the products that are in stock will be delivered in the address indicated by the user when placing the order within an approximate period of between 2 and 3 working days according to the official calendar of the Community of Madrid ( Spain), excluding Saturdays and holidays, counting from the day processing day. In general, unless there are holidays, we follow this rule to assign you a delivery date that will be the closest we can offer.

Mascobeauty Company Slu does not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the product does not be carried out as a result of the data provided by the user being false, inaccurate or incomplete or when the delivery cannot be made due to causes outside the shipping company, assigned to This effect, as is the user's absence or product retention in customs.

Bills: Shipping expenses are fixed and have an amount of € 6.50 for standard shipments.

In the event that the client opts for the option of "Express shipping" the delivery deadline is 1-2 working days and the price is € 9.95

Orders greater than € 25 will have free shipping costs only applicable to standard shipping.


Shipping areas:

  • Shipments are only made to Spain (Peninsula),  Balearic Islands and Canary Islands
  • No shipments are made to CEUTA AND MELILLA.

If there were any unforeseen delivery in the order delivery we would contact your email address, which we request when registering on the web, to find a solution. We could alternately get in touch by phone, if I had facilitated it, or directly try a second installment in the facilitated address. In case of not being able to contact or deliver the product in the first or second visit, the customer will be responsible for contacting the carrier or with Mascobeauty Company SLU via email and will assume the additional costs that could be successive deliveries.


We work with the Logistics Company SLS Logistics SL that are responsible for preparing the order and through its messaging to carry out the transport and delivery of the products to the user who has made the purchase.

In the event that one of the deadlines is modified, the Mascobeauty Company Slu customer service will communicate, either by email or telephone call, the approximate delivery period for the total sending of your order. Similarly, you will remain informed of any variation that may arise from that period.

In case an order is composed For several different products, not being all available for sending at the time of the order, the customer may request partial sending of their order and the subsequent sending of the pending products. Said partial shipment may only be requested when the total sending of the order will be delayed beyond the delivery deadlines indicated on the web and this shipment must be finally approved by Mascobeauty Company Slu, who will always have the final decision with respect to the realization of partial shipments.

Orders will not be served in mail sections. We reserve the right to retain orders with erroneous addresses. In any case, we will contact you according to the data provided for any incidence or doubt that may arise in the processing of your order.