MASCO BEAUTY, the routine of
beauty and Spa that our pet deserves

Every morning we dedicate a few minutes to our care and beauty: a ritual that we perform in our bathroom, an oasis of peace and intimacy where we pamper our skin and hair. It has become part of our routine: two, three or four essential and essential steps in which our infallible beauty products are protagonists. Our way of taking care of ourselves, pampering our skin and facing the day with renewed strength.

And if our pets - a fundamental part of our lives and so present in our daily lives - have become an extension of ourselves, why can't they enjoy the feeling of taking care of themselves? We are the self-love generation and we want to share our love for beauty, cosmetics and self-care with our faithful four-legged companions. We seek to pamper your skin and coat, enhance your internal and external well-being with natural and toxic-free products. And for this we have created its own beauty routine.

Masco Beauty was born with the mission of revolutionizing and elevating the care of our furry ones with innovative cosmetic products, thus ensuring their well-being.

We want to star in your "petit pet spa" moment using natural formulas that enhance your beauty.

Formulation and manufacturing "made in Spain"

With the desire to offer products with innovative formulas
Always at the scientific forefront, Masco Beauty concentrates its production in Spain. An essential condition to work day by day in the formulation of products and ensure their effectiveness. Cruelty free and scientifically tested products, always with the best ingredients and meeting all the quality requirements of the European Union.

green cosmetics

Masco Beauty is committed to natural ingredients so that the care of our pets is safe and responsible with their health and with planet Earth. With formulas that blend the best of nature with the latest scientific advances, Masco Beauty's goal is to enhance and care for the natural beauty of our furry dogs. In its formulas we find essential oils such as lavender, monoi de Tahiti, coconut oil, and ultra-hydrating vitamins that bring together everything necessary for the care and pampering of our furry ones.

Combining the best of nature, Masco Beauty is committed to toxic-free, sustainable and cruelty-free cosmetics. Products formulated from scratch to achieve the best quality, transparency and commitment to the creation of something unique and exclusive that manages to enhance your natural beauty such as the cream for pads, nose and dry areas or the multivitamin serum.

Because our four-legged friends also have the right to feel good about themselves. To start the day with renewed strength and energy, fully cared for, hydrated and beautiful. Walking down the street jumping and winking mischievously at your pet lover.

By the way, what about the packaging? Far from the traditional animal cosmetics, Masco Beauty goes one step further. A complete experience for your pet and for you. Pretty on the outside, adorable on the inside.

The best for the best.