La felicidad en mascotas

happiness in pets

It is surprising to know the millions of people who live with one or more dogs. And it is surprising, above all, because we live in a world in which technology has been put at our service to do countless tasks for us that allow us a more comfortable and peaceful life.

Our dogs must be providing us with something very important so that we give up that peace of mind and are willing to come home tired and change our habits and adapt them to their needs as much as possible: take them for a walk, play with them, clean them, take care of them. ...

Yes, they give us company, affection, unconditional love, loyalty and a lot of happy moments that make us consider them true and faithful friends.

And, precisely because of everything they give us, knowing if our dog is happy is one of the main concerns of the owners.

At home your dog is one of the family, surely you are not only concerned that it is healthy and well fed, but also that it is comfortable in its environment.

Your pet has many ways of expressing its state of mind with signs that it is important to know how to recognize. A dog has several ways of showing its owner that it is happy and content in the environment in which it lives. There are a series of unmistakable signs that indicate that a dog is happy:

1-Eat well.

If he enthusiastically eats all meals and accepts treats wherever he is, it means he is in good spirits.

2-He has a relaxed posture.

It is one of the main ways he has to express himself through body language. They have a relaxed look accompanied by a slight blinking, their ears down (depending on the breed) and their mouths slightly open.

3- Sleep well

Sleep is, along with appetite, another obvious sign of Health and well-being. If your dog rests wonderfully at night and throughout the day, it means that it is happy and carefree.

4-Enjoy playing

The game is a fundamental activity for the animal and if it participates in each one that you propose it is that it is happy with you and with the environment. A happy dog ​​has a great time tossing a ball into the air with his nose and catching it again. Also, he loves to take it with you so you can play with him.

5-He does not want to be alone

Dogs are very sociable animals and when they feel good they like to be in the company of the rest of the family.

6-He wants to walk whenever you propose

Some become so clever that they recognize the much-desired moment of the walk and wait impatiently at the door, jumping for joy. If your dog is willing to go out with you for a walk at any time you propose and when you get to the park he runs and jumps non-stop, there is no doubt that he is a happy dog.

7-It's funny

It is in their nature to smell everything, touch it and even, as much as it weighs us down, put it in their mouths. A happy dog ​​will want to know what is around him and will want to investigate.

8-Wag the tail

It is one of the most obvious and characteristic signs to know if your dog is happy. It usually wags its tail when it is in pleasant situations for it, such as when its owner comes home, when it goes for a walk, when we play with him or when he gets pampered.

As a summary, say that most of the time, the happiness of our pet is directly linked to our way of caring for and treating it.

If you want your dog to be happy, you will have to start by taking it to the vet for check-ups, as well as when you suspect that it may have a health problem. It is also very important to stimulate him, both with walks and games. Include your dog in your plans whenever you can instead of leaving him home alone for hours on end. Surprise him with a trip to the beach or to the mountains, take him to a friend's or relative's house, dedicate an afternoon to his care and beauty...

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