Por unas Navidades no ruidosas

For a non-noisy Christmas

Except for authorized cultural events, such as fireworks at local fairs and festivals, fallas and other celebrations, the use of firecrackers on public roads is prohibited in all revised municipal ordinances. But the Christmas fad for throwing firecrackers remains oblivious to human annoyance and animal suffering.

Neurobiologists specializing in canine behavior say that when faced with the explosion of firecrackers or fireworks, dogs "do not have the ability to rationalize their anxiety and may suffer a cruder and more intense form of terror." And that is for those who are lucky enough to be at home, since the detonation of firecrackers near a dog can irreversibly damage their hearing.

It has been proven that the fireworks that serve as fun and announcing the New Year make our dogs suffer and they may present some of these symptoms: tachycardia, tremors, shortness of breath, incontinence, lightheadedness, seizures, aggressiveness, a feeling of unreality...


What can we do to avoid panic in our pets?

One of the most repeated tips is show calm and comfort the animal . If the owner is stressed or nervous by the behavior of the dog, bad business.

Even worse is if the dog is alone when the firecrackers go off, because the fear of them is often added to other anxiety and dependency disorders.

Reduce or camouflage noise (lowering the blinds or turning up the TV or the music) are some of the tricks recommended by the experts as well as find or create a safe zone (his little house, a bed, a room…) and place prizes on it so that, when the noises start, you understand that it is a refuge.

Outside our borders there are municipalities that go further in solidarity with pets. The city of Collechio (Italy) has been one of the first to schedule "silent fireworks" with the consistorial message that it is possible to enjoy fireworks without having to cause panic among other people's pets.

As long as this does not reach our towns and cities, we can only ask our neighbors, family and friends not to participate in the celebration of the beginning of the New Year with firecrackers, firecrackers, rockets or fireworks, since this "noisy" custom makes people suffer. millions of pets in our homes and is responsible for thousands of animals getting lost as they run away to find a safer place.

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