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Deluxe Routine Set

Deluxe Routine Set

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Daily routine in two steps!

What does the package include?

Natural cream for pads "Dog Obsession"

Multivitamin serum for skin and coat

Give your pet lots of pampering and love with this daily routine to keep their paw pads in the best condition, hydrated, protected and without cracks thanks to the famous "The Dog Obsession" cream, an innovative formula with 98% natural ingredients such as butter shea butter, coconut oil, Tahiti monoi, aloe vera or calendula among others. You can also use it on the nose and dry areas of your dog or cat.

But we don't just want their paws to show off elegantly... what about their fur? Take care of their skin and coat thanks to our natural multivitamin serum, it contains lavender to leave our furry a relaxing and well-being feeling.

What are the properties of our serum? 

In addition to leaving its hair shiny, it also works as a treatment for the animal's skin, deeply hydrating it and helping to  prevent problems on its scalp, such as seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff.

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